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Dear Richard,    
Thank you for taking the time to look at Michelle's  house.    

It has been a shocking number of years since we last met.  I hope   
Michelle was able to adequately tell you how much joy the home that you    
helped us to design in 1986 has brought to my family, her family, and   
our  friends over the last 29 years.  The wonderful home that you drew   
for us has  withstood California earthquakes, storms and blazing   summers.  
It was a  comforting place to raise our child and now her   children. 
It provided to me  an efficient place to pursue my career as a   consultant. 
Nancy and I have been  lucky to travel to far-away places  
scattered on several continents, but always  our home was the most   
welcome of sights after our trips.   
Knowing what I  know now, there are decisions I would not have made in   
the same way as I did  then.  I remember with a certain amount of   
embarrassment that you recommended  two bathrooms upstairs and I failed   
to heed your good counsel.  I would not  have kept the two fireplaces.    
Other minor things come to mind, but overall I  am so very pleased with   
the results we achieved.  I have never hesitated to  recommend your   
services to several people over the years and I do hope that at  least   
some of them became your customers.  If ever you need someone to tell a    
future customer what it is like to live in a Haro home for three   decades,  
you can call on us.    Michelle told me that you were surprised by her knowledge  
of home   construction concepts.  I think that remodeling the house did more  than   
just expand our living space, it also helped Michelle expand her    
concepts of what is possible when a lot of thinking and a lot of hard   work  are combined. 
I am so proud of her design for the new kitchen.   
She put so  much thought into making sure it would fit both her needs and   
Nancy's needs as  well when we come back to California to visit.    
I look forward to seeing you  in person when we are back in CA for the   holidays.    
My very best  regards,  

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Marjorie Hurwitz


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Andy Morris

April 16th, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

    Last year, my husband and I embarked on a very scary journey through the world of remodeling. We were wary of contractors and worried about having workers invade our living space. My cousin recommended Richard Haro and we had him visit our house to get a sense of our home's future. After a few weeks of working with Richard, we had plans that met all of our requirements and desires. Richard worked hard to get exactly what we wanted to fit our budget. He even allowed us to do several things ourselves (like interior painting and flooring) to save money.

    Soon after that, the demolition of the existing room began. Richard's crew did a speedy job of starting the framework. We were presently surprised to be in the capable hands of Edgar. Edgar is a professional, responsible, honest, and hardworking foreman. I always enjoyed coming home to hear the most recent progress. I was also impressed at how little we noticed the workers. They always started on time and were usually gone by the time I arrived home from work.

    Once the interior work began, we were again pleased by Richard's plumber, Phil, and carpenter, Eduardo, These gentlemen were also professional, hardworking, and fast. I never had a single complaint about their work. They were speedy, clean, and easy to work with.

    Overall, the job went very smoothly and within our original budget. Richard was always willing to work with us and please us. If something didn't meet our requirements, he made sure it was done correctly. Richard never got impatient or angry with us about our attention to detail.

    We are so happy each and every time we look at our home. The addition is simply beautiful, comfortable, and functional. My favorite things include the custom bar, the fireplace, and the awesome shower. We recommend using Richard's architectural and contracting services.


Mike and Leila Dibble
Campbell, CA. 95008



Dear Esmeralda & Richard,

    The stories of remodeling I had heard before you started our project were not always encouraging. People always had something to complain about. I am very grateful it was not my case. For, in fact, everything came along despite delays with the city, and whatever else came in the way. After all, the trust relationship in any business makes a big difference. You can use me as a reference. I will do my best to recommend you whenever I have a chance. Mark & Matt did a great job.


    A few years ago we did an addition and remodeling of our home. After initially meeting with us, Richard was able to take our ideas and dreams and build them into a design that was appealing, functional, and met our budget specifications. In evaluating our ideas and dreams, Richard was able to guide us in making decisions that were right for our home based upon his years of experience and work within this valley. Richard toiled with us during the permit process. He was able to resolve issues to the satisfaction of both the city and us. As we entered the construction process, Richard and his team labored diligently to complete our project; monitored our expenses; and resolved any issues that arose to ensure our complete satisfaction. Our project stayed with our budget allowance, and final inspection was completed within the projected timeframe. We were pleased with the results, and we would recommend Richard's services.

Jim & Donna Cobb
1288 Columbus Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035

    I first worked with Richard Haro in 1991 when I purchased a 1947 California Ranch Home. Richard designed a great kitchen. In 1992 he designed a fabulous master bedroom and bath at the back of our house. I still marvel at his creativity in making it look original to the house. He is currently working on a 230 sq. ft addition to our library.

    In the years between, Richard has designed 10 major projects for clients of mine.

    He has an incredible, creative eye for the elements of a house that make its style.
His attention to detail is impecible; be it a Spanish style, a Ranch style, a Historic farm house, a mountain cabin built into the side of a hill, or the Craftsman, which weve done several of.

    Richard has worked extremely well with my clients. He listens and hears what they want and how theyll live in their home. He gives suggestions and design ideas and transfers all these conversations into extraordinary homes.

    I simply will not call anyone else.

Dee Bettenger
Remodeling Solutions



    WOW! Our remodel looks terrific! All we can say is that we are very pleased with the end result, and the road from start to finish, was very simple, starting with the day we asked you to draw up the plans.

    Your team is very professional and worked well together. It was a pleasure conversing with Mark he kept up posted and well informed about the work, what was be done next, why we had to wait, and when the crew would be back. Jesse and the crew were wonderful too. Give a big thanks to Jessehe certainly is quality-conscious. We thank him for correcting the problem with the down stair window.

    We truly appreciated working with you. We had no prior experience with any addition or remodel. All we heard about were horror stories from friends and relatives. We learned otherwise. We love the appearance of our new home and we receive many complements from neighbors, friends, and family. If we were to do it all again, we would! If we have any more remodel/addition or future building projects, we know we will call you. We will definitely recommend you to our friends, relatives, and co-workers who plan to do any construction.

    Thank you again. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you.

Jeffrey and Tracy Brobst


A Dream Come True

    A lost art of America...Integrity, Professionalism, Craftsmanship, American Pride, Skill and Focus, Perfectionism, Communication, No Hidden Costs, Legal Permits with Inspections, and Customer Oriented....These are only a few of the attributes of Richard Haro, Inc.

    We had been wanting and thinking about a "face lift" for our house for several years. Knowing what we wanted was difficult to convey because when there is an image inside of your mind, how do you relay that?

    Richard Haro, Inc. was highly referred to us by someone we trust and have known for many years. Yes, the original person I had called was a general contractor, as well, but what I described to him was "too small" of a job in comparison to what they normally did. However, he gave us Richard's phone number and said that "Maybe" he would be able to accommodate us.

    The day came for Richard and his wife, Irma, to come to our home for a consultation. Again, the picture was in our minds, so we tried our best to give our ideas to them. Within seconds, Richard enthusiastically brought out his sketch book, and drew the exact image that we both had wanted. How did he do that? He is gifted...that is the only answer. (And the success of a man's gift? A beautiful supportive wife!)

    Richard is not only a General Contractor, but an Architect, as well. When our visit was over, and they were gone, my husband, Don, said, "This man KNOWS what he is doing and he does it well!" Don's Dad was an Architect, so he recognized Richard's skills immediately. There was no question in our minds, to hire Richard Haro, Inc. We eagerly awaited the bid for the job.

    Construction dances to it's own tune. Regardless of how 'good' they say they are, we have experienced people who are dishonest about being licensed, obtaining the proper permits from the city, and only pick up illegal immigrants on the corner from day to day, not really knowing, nor caring if they are skilled in a specialty or not.

    Richard Haro is a man of integrity and is not only skilled himself, but has a regular crew whom he uses for his jobs. And on each section of the job, there was always someone we could communicate with. Every worker had a sparkle in their eyes as they worked hard to please us for a particular task. As we saw the plans unfold, and the precision of their work, we increasingly respected Haro Inc. for delivering a very lost art of America. Pride and perfectionism in their work, and the desire to be completely customer oriented, doing whatever it took, to make their clients happy. That is what impressed us the most. Yet another impact that touched us deeply, was that Richard did not 'cut corners' on the quality of the supplies needed to successfully complete our project. He used the best available!

    It has been said that the attitude at the top of the ladder, trickles down to the very last step. We were amazed at Richard's positive desire to bend over backwards to obtain everything we wanted. Because of his caring heart, every single worker on his crew, always had a smile in their spirit, as they worked hard and precise to obtain their goal of perfection.

    Being realistic, like any other job in the world, there are some things that are out of our control. So it is with construction. Sometimes, there were days when the crew couldn't come and work on that particular day. However, Richard's staff was extremely accommodating in letting us know why someone might not be able to show that day, and when they would be back to our sight.

    To us, that is part of the territory of any job, and seemingly construction can be hit the hardest...weather conditions, wives having babies...all very "everyday" real things of life, may slow down the process a little. Regardless, the most important aspect to us, was the "attitude" of Richard Haro and his crew, in spite of any obstacles that came their way. Knowing that they genuinely cared, keeping us informed, and always having a very positive rapport with us, in addition to the beautiful craftsmanship involved, has made it very worthwhile for our "Dream To Come True".

    Think carefully, choose wisely, and observe what is truly behind a person's heart when it comes to making your decision with whom you work. We highly recommend Richard Haro, Inc. and wish you the same wonderful experience and results which we have experienced.

    Our personal thanks to Richard, his darling wife, Irma, Esmeralda, who is the best secretary ever, and every skilled crew member working for this incredible company.


    May God Bless your endeavors.
    Don and Peggy Clark

Dear Richard & Staff

    Tom & I would like to express our thanks to all of you for your hard work on our project. From Richard's creative planning, the persistence of Esmeralda & Elaine in the office & Mark on the site, to the craftsmanship of Mr. Haro & his crew, all your efforts are much appreciated. We are delighted with our new room.

    Much thanks to all of you!
    Cheryll & Tom Mass


Dear Mark,

    I'm not sure if you remember taking my husband's name at the "Hickory Pit" reataurant a couple of months ago, to have a roofer call us about getting a new roof. Well, Roberto Lopez did call us promptly, bid and got the contract.

    We wanted you and the gentleman you were with that day to know that Roberto did a fabulous job on the roof. We chose a concrete tile that looks like shake and it turned out just perfect. It was a lucky day for us to meet you. Thank you again for the recommendation.

    Pat and George Anninger

Dear Richard:

    Thank you for your excellent work to design and build the new second story of my home. Now that it is finished and I am living in the home, I am aware everyday of how your graceful design really works. The oak staircase, the tile bathrooms, the arched windows, and the backyard deck are only a few of the touches that catch my eye every day.

    From the first day you visited us and made a quick sketch of what the house could become, it seemed that we shared a vision of what could be. I am deeply grateful for your excellent and conscientious work in both the design and building phases.

    In the design phase, I was impressed by the way you listened to us and responded with creative solutions to the problems that inevitably arose. In the building phase, I was impressed by the way you made things happen on time without sacrificing quality.

    When I tell my friends that my remodel came in on time and on budget, they are amazed, and I am too. I have recommended your company to everyone who comes to see the house. I am working to organize my photographs of the project and will certainly provide you with copies when they are ready. If you would like to show the house to potential clients, I would be happy to arrange a showing. You are also welcome to share this letter.

    I feel very fortunate for all the work you did for me. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and your colleagues, who all seem like family.

    Frank A. Harris